New Moon Syntax Theme

by Tania Rascia

Workbench Themes

by Particle

Field Lights Theme

by Sebastián Veggiani

Rosé Pine

by Rosé Pine

Better Solarized

by Ed Heltzel

Cobalt Next

by David Leininger

Dracula Refined

by Matheus Calegaro

Beautiful UI

by swashata

Quiet Light for VSC

by Ian Beck


by Alex Baretsky

An Old Hope Theme

by Dustin Sanders

Chromodynamics Theme

by MagicStack Inc.


by Jared Jones

Webstorm IntelliJ Darcula Theme

by Sergey Khomushin

Evondev Dracula

by evondev

Atomize (Atom One Dark theme)

by Emmanuel Roussel

Learn with Sumit Theme

by Learn with Sumit

Just Black

by nur

Ysgrifennwr Theme

by Xaver Hellauer

Horizon Theme

by Alexander Nanberg

Om Theme (A Darker Dracula Theme)

by omthemes


by hassanoof

Night Wolf

by MaoSantaella

Verdandi Theme

by be5invis


by Ilya Verbitskiy

Spirited Away Color Theme

by Maxfield Walker


by lintangwisesa


by samrapdev

freeCodeCamp Dark Theme

by freeCodeCamp

Material Dark

by romanrei

Tiny Light

by luqimin

Popping and Locking Theme

by .hedinne

Xcode Theme

by Mateo Cerquetella

Sapphire Theme

by Daniel Imms


by Varun A P

Sea Green Theme

by Raashid A