Brackets Light Pro

by fehey

Xcode Default Theme

by smockle

Github Theme

by Thomas Pink

Workbench Themes

by Particle

Better Solarized

by Ed Heltzel

Learn with Sumit Theme

by Learn with Sumit

Beautiful UI

by swashata

Horizon Theme

by Alexander Nanberg

Quiet Light for VSC

by Ian Beck

Ysgrifennwr Theme

by Xaver Hellauer

Xcode Theme

by Mateo Cerquetella


by lintangwisesa


by Ilya Verbitskiy

Verdandi Theme

by be5invis

Tiny Light

by luqimin

Vim Theme

by HarryHopkinson

Delphi Themes

by Alessandro Fragnani

Cute Pink Light Theme

by WebFreak


by Arthur White

Amethyst Themes

by Eric Amodio


by cometeer

macOS Classic

by Jason Lee


by juanmnl


by Alexander Teinum


by XephAlpha


by Robert Rossmann

Django Theme

by Victor

Blue Light Theme

by Nils Hartmann

Horla Light Theme

by Horla

Modern Purple Theme

by Natalie Fruitema

Vitesse Theme

by Anthony Fu

Office Theme

by huacat

Visual Studio for Mac Light Theme

by jamiewest

Gray Matter

by philipbe

Default+ Tweaked

by Per Ragnar Edin

Kay theme

by kube