Son of Obsidian Theme

by Rob Prouse

Dark++ Italic

by idbartosz

Modern Purple Theme

by Natalie Fruitema

One Dark Pro Lite

by binaryify

Lunar Pink Theme

by Nícolas D. Schmidt

Default+ Tweaked

by Per Ragnar Edin

Level Up Theme Official

by leveluptutorials

Office Theme

by huacat


by juliettepretot

Vitesse Theme

by Anthony Fu

Kay theme

by kube

Origamid Theme

by Origamid

Gray Matter

by philipbe

Ubuntu VSCode Theme

by Thiago Lúcio Bittencourt

CodeSandbox Theme

by Nicolas Gryman

One Monokai 80s Theme

by Axiomatic Studios

Spotify Theme

by Gustavo Pereira

Ayu Mirage PowerUp

by geisslerh


by asilverio

Dark Mode

by Phil Sinatra

One Dark Darker

by Joel Crosby

One Dark Bimbo

by Mario Terron

GitHub Sharp Theme

by João Moreno


by poimandres

Spacegray VSCode

by Mihai Vilcu

CodeRunner 2 like Theme

by bijan

Gruvbox Concoctis

by wheredoesyourmindgo

Ayu MirageMod

by Luca Regazzi

Darcula python

by Michel Betancourt


by nopjmp

Hipster Theme

by ModoNoob

SynthWave '84 Blues

by sabrsorensen


by Avetis

Darcula Theme - WebStorm Edition

by rexebin

The Best Theme

by Jan Kohlbach


by Michael Andreuzza