Ayu One Dark Pro (deprecated)

by smeagolem

Ayu Adaptive

by ccy

Spotify Theme

by Gustavo Pereira

A Touch of Lilac Theme

by alexnho

Material Dark Color Theme

by Magson


by Valiantsin

Matrix Theme

by UstymUkhman

Darcula Theme - WebStorm Edition

by rexebin

Xcode Theme

by Mateo Cerquetella

Coder Coder Dark

by Coder Coder

Atom One Dark Theme

by Darin Morrison

Material Dark Soda

by John Woodruff

Office Theme

by huacat

Dark SynthWave '84

by Aaron Young

My Firewatch Theme

by Krzysztof Wisznarewski

One Dark Bimbo

by Mario Terron

Boxy Theme Kit

by Thanh Tran


by shikher

Simple Dark

by travis


by nopjmp

Nebula Pandas

by GokturkSM

Gruvbox Concoctis

by wheredoesyourmindgo

The Best Theme

by Jan Kohlbach

Cobalt 3

by Alex Pattison

IntelliJ-ish Darcula Theme

by csantiago132

One Dark Pro Lite

by binaryify

PyCharm Theme

by nicohlr

Modern Purple Theme

by Natalie Fruitema

Material Monokai Theme

by Alessio Enrico Repetti

WoW Bundle

by Septh

Midnight City

by Dillon Chanis

React Theme

by mikaelkristiansson87

Dark Horizon

by mcagampan

Rouge Theme

by josef

Iceberg Theme

by cocopon

Monokai Sharp Theme

by FMS_Cat