Spirited Away Color Theme

by Maxfield Walker

Popping and Locking Theme

by .hedinne

Webstorm IntelliJ Darcula Theme

by Sergey Khomushin

Atomize (Atom One Dark theme)

by Emmanuel Roussel


by lintangwisesa

Material Dark

by romanrei


by tristanremy


by samrapdev

Sea Green Theme

by Raashid A

Dracula Refined

by Matheus Calegaro

Sapphire Theme

by Daniel Imms


by Varun A P

Learn with Sumit Theme

by Sumit Saha

Launchbase Theme

by Mayk Brito

Electron Highlighter Syntax

by Mike McBride


by hassanoof

Blueberry dark theme

by peymanslh


by cometeer

Delphi Themes

by Alessandro Fragnani

Space Ocean Kit Refined

by space-ocean-kit-refined

Night Wolf

by MaoSantaella

Sublime VSCode Theme

by yurihs

Evondev Dracula

by evondev

Nord Wave

by Dimitrios Lytras

Black Ocean

by zamerick

Fantastic (Ayu, Darcula, Gruvbox, Material, Monokai, Slime, Oceanic, One)

by dobbbri

Horizon Theme

by Alexander Nanberg


by Arthur White

Material Neutral Theme

by bernardodsanderson

Fresh Material

by Rich Hamburg

Atlantic Night

by mrpbennett

After Dark

by Simeon Kerkola

macOS Classic

by Jason Lee

freeCodeCamp Dark Theme

by freeCodeCamp


by Robert Rossmann

Rosé Pine

by Rosé Pine