by silofy

Rosé Pine

by Rosé Pine

Firefox Theme

by Heron Silva

FireFly Pro

by Ankit Mishra

Halcyon Theme

by brittanychiang

Kary Pro Colors

by Pouya Kary


by Jaakko

Night Owl Black

by Dave Johnson

Hyper Term Theme

by HasseNasse

codeSTACKr Theme

by codestackr

Base16 Themes

by AndrsDC

Monokai Charcoal high contrast

by 74th

Pink-Cat-Boo Theme

by Fiona Fan

Code Blue

by Sujan


by dhedgecock


by Ryan Olson


by Will Stone

Monokai Vibrant

by s3gf4ult

Discord Tools

by Darkempire

Pitch Black Theme

by Viktor Qvarfordt

Gatito Theme

by Paweł Grzybek

Dark Low Contrast Themes

by Evgeniy Petukhov

Slime Theme

by smlombardi

Om Theme (A Darker Dracula Theme)

by omthemes

Xcode Default Theme

by smockle

Dracula Refined

by Matheus Calegaro

Nebula Theme

by ChirtleLovesDolls

Pop N' Lock Theme by Luxcium ✨

by Luxcium

Field Lights Theme

by Sebastián Veggiani

Better Solarized

by Ed Heltzel

Workbench Themes

by Particle

New Moon Syntax Theme

by Tania Rascia

Learn with Sumit Theme

by Learn with Sumit

Evondev Dracula

by evondev

Horizon Theme

by Alexander Nanberg

Cobalt Next

by David Leininger